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My Wish for Angelica is Happiness says Derek Ramsay

Written By Real Kevin Jay on Thursday, July 26, 2012 | 9:00 AM

Derek Ramsay is keeping himself busy months after his breakup with Angelica Panganiban.

“My heart is okay. For now, I’m moving on, I’m on my feet and moving forward,” Derek told Yahoo! Philippines OMG! and other members of the press before he left for TV5's 2012 Olympics coverage in London.

Derek recalls the ordeal he went through after the break-up.

“Nung umpisa, it was hard for me. Parang hindi ko alam kung saan ko ilalagay ang sarili ko because six years is six years. But now, I’m happy. I’m working, keeping myself busy, I competed in Japan and I know she’s happy.”

Is he ready to fall in love again?

“You never know. You don’t look for it. Love can hit you anywhere. I learned a lot in my six-year relationship with Angel, she taught me so much,” Derek replied.
He hopes he won’t make the same mistakes the next time around, although Derek thinks no one was at fault in his previous relationship. 

“Funny with Angel and I, there were no mistakes, no one at fault. I guess, it just wasn’t meant to be. You don’t know what the future holds.”

Is he dating again?

“Secret. I’m really focusing on my work, that’s not a showbiz answer. But yeah, pwede… pwedeng makipagdate, magmahal,” he said in jest.

The 3-month rule

Derek says he doesn’t believe in the “3-month rule” (an unwritten law that  bans a person from getting into a relationship within the next three months after a break-up) after a breakup. He also doesn’t mind if Angelica dates anew as he wants her to be happy.

“I don’t believe in the three-month rule. Like with Angel, if she’s fallen in love with somebody else, I wouldn’t be mad at that certain someone. I wouldn’t be mad at her. Kung mahal mo talaga ang isang tao, gusto mong maging masaya siya. Ako gusto kong maging masaya siya, if masaya siya sa ibang lalake, she has my support,” Derek said.

He adds that he would rather date a non-showbiz girl.

“I prefer non-showbiz, yeah. I think it’s definitely one of my rules now I will have to date non-showbiz. But by saying that, it could bite me in the butt and I could be dating somebody in showbiz. But for now, I don’t want to be so high-profile with my lovelife, it was a lot of pressure. I thought we had a perfect formula. I guess it did affect us.”

New movie with Anne and Andi

Derek misses acting. So after he returns from the  Olympics, he will  work on a new movie with Anne Curtis and Andi Eigenmann..

“I’m excited to work with Anne again because it was a very successful movie (No Other Woman) the last time we did. With Andi, she’s a talented actress. I would have to bring my best when I do my scene with her. I’m excited for this project kasi ang tagal ko nang hindi umaarte.”

Derek doesn’t feel pressured about surpassing the success of “No Other Woman.”

“What I’ve been doing got me to where I am, so, patuloy lang. Walang pressure na kailangan kong matalo yung last na movie na nagawa ko. I’m gonna do my role and play my character properly. Bonus if it breaks the box office.”


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