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Pamela Anderson on Dance to "Save the Planet" with Stars

Written By Real Kevin Jay on Monday, July 30, 2012 | 9:00 AM

The cast list for Dancing with the Stars has been released, and it looks like some of the more controversial contestants will be returning to the stage. Pamela Anderson made the list and she’s certainly excited about making a second stab at that mirror ball trophy! What else does Anderson hope to accomplish during her second season of Dancing with the Stars? Read on for the details!
Most of the buzz surrounding the new Dancing with the Stars all-star cast has been centered around Kirstie Alley and Bristol Palin, two of the show’s more controversial contestants. But DWTS alum Pamela Anderson has been a point of contention in her own right. Parents worried that the former Baywatch star wasn’t particularly family friendly. Even judge Bruno Tonioli asked her to “dance for the ballroom, not the bedroom.”
This time around, Anderson might have some “romantic personal reasons” for joining the all-star cast, but she also is hoping to lend a helping hand to Mother Nature. She says the show is:  ”a great opportunity to be in front of people and talk about what you really believe in. I believe in saving the planet and environmental issues and animal issues, so I’m locked and loaded and ready to blast off.” Nice sentiment, but Dancing with the Stars may not be an effective venue for voicing environmental concerns.
Anderson’s new approach to Dancing with the Stars comes with an especially innovative approach to winning: asking people to vote! Wait, you can do that?! “I’m actually going to try to ask people to vote because I didn’t realize how important that was last time.” Well, now we know why everyone praises Anderson for her, uh, intelligence. At least this new approach is a little more PG than the usual “dancing for the bedroom.”


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