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Are You Bad in Bed? During Intercourse?

Written By Real Kevin Jay on Tuesday, April 30, 2013 | 10:45 AM

1. Which animal is she most like during sex?

1. Which animal is she most like during intercourse?

A. A monkey – inquisitive, playful
B. A tigress – on the hunt, aggressive
C. A trapped rabbit

The sizzle fades when men always take the lead, claims Dr Linda De Villers, a s*x therapist and the author of Love Skills. To break the routine, spend the evening flirting with her instead of making the first move. “Draw her into the dance,” suggests De Villers. If she jumps you, she’s bound to be a more enthusiastic bedmate and respect your seduction skills.

2. When does foreplay start?

A. When our lips first touch
B. When I buy her a drink
C. When her top comes off

Women like foreplay to stretch as far back as the first encounter of the night. “Great foreplay happens when you pay attention,” according to Lou Paget, author of The Great Lover Playbook. “Whether that means a neck massage or buying her something she likes, like her favourite drink.” Once in the bedroom, undress her as slowly as possible.

3. What do you touch to drive her wild?

3. What do you touch to drive her wild?

A. Yourself
B. Her clitoris
C. The skin between her fingers

Women are loaded with pleasure points. Use the unexpected ones to turn her on the most, says Dr Ava Cadell, a sexologist and the author of The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Oral S*x. “We have erogenous zones all over our bodies.” Explore and discover: caress her navel, her inner thighs, between her toes, under her chin and along her spine.

4. She digs what you’re doing, so you . . .

A. Stay on course
B. Do it faster and harder
C. Find something else she likes

Too often, men take a positive reaction as a cue to increase speed or intensity during penetration or oral s*x. “If she says, ‘That’s wonderful’, then keep doing it just the same,” explains De Villers.

“Speeding up will overwhelm and numb her.” If you must switch, slow down and don’t go as deep – to stimulate the nerve endings in the front third of her vagina.
5. How thick is your position playbook?

5. How thick is your position playbook?

A. I’ve worn out my copy of the Kama Sutra
B. I’m a missionary man
C. I like the classics, with some experimentation

Adventure is good, but only if you’re both able and willing. “Take your cue from the woman,” advises De Villers. A position that’s exciting for you may be a nightmare for her if she’s self-conscious about her body or not strong or flexible enough to sustain it. Go for positions that allow her to be readily stimulated, like sitting in a chair or lying with her on top.



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