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Psy's new song: PSY Gentleman [VIDEO] Over 40 million views

Written By Real Kevin Jay on Monday, April 15, 2013 | 1:30 PM

Listen now to South Korean rapper Psy's brand new single "Gentleman". The dancey record becomes the follow-up to Psy's massive international break-through single "Gangnam Style" which topped the digital and official charts of many countries for weeks, and had us all dancing the ridiculous, yet fun 'invisible horse' step at clubs last year. The music video for "Gangnam Style" recently reached the 1.5 billion views on YouTube. Sick!

Psy annouced via Twitter that he'd be releasing "Gentleman" on iTunes at midnight in local territories on April 12. Therefore, the first people in the world to hear, and be able to legally purchase "Gentleman" were the citizens of New Zealand. But, we all know how the Internet works, as the full song hit many free streaming outlets soon, meaning we all, no matter the time zone, or the country we live in, can listen to "Gentleman" RIGHT NOW. I personally don't think this was the most intelligent move by Psy's team. They should have fixed an iTunes release date for the entire world. Sales, at the beginning at least, will be hurt considerably.

Back to the world premiere of the single, "Gentleman" is another fun, crazy, makes-you-wanna-dance-like-a-maniac song by Psy. It's SO "Gangnam Style" though. Like a rip-off of it, but this is Psy's too, so it's okay I guess. I knew he wouldn't be exploring, or testing new waters sound-wise for the "Gangnam Style" follow-up. It would have been dumb too. People liked "Gangnam Style" for what it was, and Psy is right for making "Gentleman" not too different from it. The chorus of "Gentleman" goes like; 'I'm a mother-father gentleman!' (Lol, nice censoring). Make sure to catch Psy's massive concert at Seoul's World Cup Stadium - to be streamed on YouTube for free - on April 13 as Psy will debut "Gentleman" there live before 50,000 fans!.


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