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Smartphone Photo Leaked : LG Optimus G2 or new Nexux 5

Written By Real Kevin Jay on Monday, May 6, 2013 | 12:33 PM

Smartphone Photo Leaked : LG Optimus G2 or new Nexux 5

There’s a new device leak thanks to @evleaks but this time its not clear which device this is, other than the fact that it is an LG smartphone. You can view an image of the smartphone here.
Evleaks has a confirmed that the device does have  a 5.5-inch screen but no other features have been leaked. And all this wonderful vagueness has only resulted in confusion in tech-circles as to whether this is the LG Optimus G2 or the Nexus 5.
According to TechRadar, there are rumours of a possible LG and Google tie-up as well this year. LG and Google had launched the Nexus 4, which was a Google-branded version of the Optimus G2.
However there have been sufficient hints from Google’s top brass that the company’s Motorola Mobility unit is working on its own set of devices. From Larry Page to Eric Schmidt, the talk seems to be about how awesome these new products will be. Hopefully Google will reveal them at its annual I/O conference which is due to begin on 15 May.
Image courtsey: evleaks.
Previously Android andMe, had leaked images of the LG Nexus 5, via an anonymous tipster who claimed to be a Google employee.
The report stated that the device was codenamed “Megalodon” and could be out in October this year and that it would have a 5.2-inch OLED Display with 1920×1080 resolution. Other features that were hinted at included a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, clocked at 2.3 GHz, 3GB RAM, a 16MP rear camera by OmniVision and 2.1MP front camera.
Like the HTC One it could have front positioned stereo speakers and of course will have LTE support. The device could also come with gesture like controls for navigation and zoom which could be similar to the Samsung Galaxy S4.


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