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SONA 2013 of President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III on July 22, 2013

Written By Real Kevin Jay on Tuesday, July 23, 2013 | 10:34 AM

SONA 2013 of PNoy on July 22, 2013 Monday. Different topics where President Aquino tackles during his 4th SONA. 

Aquino wrapped up his speech by addressing those who still doubt Tuwid na Daan. 'My Bosses, let us remember: where did we begin? If you have doubts now, compare them to the doubts we all carried in 2010.' He also thanked the public for their role in making change possible through different ways. 'This is your SONA," he says.

Millions of Filipinos grieved when Jesse Robredo passed. For almost two decades, he served and led Naga with skill, compassion, and humility. One of the hardest things I ever had to do as President was to deliver the news to Leni, after the tragedy. Apart from grieving, I could not avoid blaming myself for what happened to Jesse. Maybe if I had not asked him to join my Cabinet, he would still be alive today. Maybe if he had remained in Naga, he would still be with us. Maybe there would still be a Jesse Robredo in public service today.

PNoy cites his problems in the Bureau of Immigration, the National Irrigation Administration, (NIA) and Bureau of Customs. That's why he fired the chiefs of immigration and NIA. I'd run out of patience, he says. 'If you are a good, conscientious employee of the BI, NIA, Customs, or any other government agency, I hope that you do even more. It is not enough to lie low and hide inside your cubicle; to prevent wrongdoing is part of your duty. You are in the right, so there is no need to hide; please make it easy for me to find people like you; I will raise you up as praiseworthy examples, that we may fully transform the flawed culture of your agencies.

PNoy says 4.3-M foreign tourists visited the Philippines in 2012, a record-high and a 21.4% increase from 2010. Domestic travelers reached 37.5-M in 2012, breaching the original 2016 target of 35.5-M. He says he’s confident the country will achieve its new target of 56-M domestic tourists this year.

Aquino says the public has lost confidence in projects government earlier entered into due to past controversies. Aquino says his government has no plans to add to the list of questionable contracts. He cites several projects awarded 'without shortcuting the process': Laguindingan airport and Daang Hari-SLEX expressway. He says more projects are underway such as airports in Tacloban, Bicol, Bohol, and Puerto Princesa.

Thanks to Senate President Franklin Drilon, the Jalaur multi-purpose irrigation project in Iloilo has been approved. This project has waited for 50 years to be implemented. This will benefit farmers, create 17,000 jobs and improve rice production by 80%.

Among the priority bills are the Cabotage bill, Fiscal Incentives Rationalization bill, the Land Administration bill, and the proposed P2.268-trillion national budget for 2014.

This is my commitment: Whatever we agree upon, the national government can and will implement. We need to trust each other, he says, dismissing cynics and saboteurs. PNoy calls on Congress to pass the Bangsamoro transition law before the end of 2014, to ensure the setting up of the Bangsamoro regional government in 2016.
We have finished multi-hazard mapping in 28 hazardous areas. Since we launched Project NOAH, we have put up 525 automated water levels and rain gauges in 18 major river basins. We’re better prepared now than before. We're relocating informal settlers and punishing companies that block waterways.

Ondoy: 3,600 cubic meters per second, water from Sierra Madre. Waterways in NCR could only handle 1,000-plus cubic meters. P6.2 billion budget to address flooding in Metro Manila.
The government has built 21,800 houses for cops and soldiers. For the second phase, we have already built 26,050 houses for them. At least 3 military camps will convert lands into farms and plantations for soldiers.
250,000 cops and soldiers keeping watch of almost 95 million Filipinos. Ratio not enough. The PNP will be hiring 3,000 civilians to do administrative work that policemen continue to do. This will allow 3,000 policemen to work in the field, so we don't put to waste their training.


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