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Viral News:Red Cross Warns of Black Death Epidemic

Written By Real Kevin Jay on Saturday, December 14, 2013 | 10:24 AM

Viral News:Red Cross Warns of Black Death Epidemic. Black Death killed 25 million people in Europe during Middle Ages.

Why is the Red Cross now warning of a ‘black death epidemic’ as shared in this story from Zero Hedge? A new outbreak in Madagascar has put the Red Cross on edge that another outbreak may be on the verge of occurring.
Black Death Apocalypse Warns Red Cross
Not since the Middle Ages has the bubonic plagues taken so many lives in a year. Having wiped out 25 million people in Europe, appearances of the Black Death since have been rare but the Red Cross is reporting a new outbreak has killed more than 20 people on the island of Madagascar. Living standards in the nation have collapsed since 2009 (what else happened in 2009?) and the prevalence of rats has helped spread the disease easily. While China claims to have the bird flu under control (despite some rumors out of Hong Kong), the Red Cross warns there is a risk of a Black Death epidemic.


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