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Flesh Eating Disease in Pangasinan Video

Written By Real Kevin Jay on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 | 8:28 AM

Flesh Eating Disease in Pangasinan, Philippines video became hot and popular online. The mysterious flesh eating illness that slowly spreading in Pangasinan went viral in social networking websites starting February 2014. Doctors had their different versions of this flesh eating disease from leyprosy to skin alergy. No doctors were able to diagnose what's the real name of this disease that slowly spreads in Pangasinan according to the mother.

Netizens commented and some said that Prophesy of Prophet Sadhu are now happening. Prophet Sadhu's prophesy of Typhoon Yolanda became real and he said that the next will be the Flesh-Eating Disease in Pangasinan. What's your opinion about this?


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