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Is Mayor Rodrigo Dueterte running for President in 2016?

Written By Real Kevin Jay on Monday, February 10, 2014 | 9:15 AM

Is Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Dueterte running for President in 2016 election? a big NO

There are speculations that Rodrigo Dueterte will run for the higher post in 2016 election. Many said that what Rodrigo Dueterte doing and always appearing in the media as part of strategies for campaigning his name. One of his statement made viral when he said “You’ll regret if I will be the next President,” said Duterte in his local television program here on Sunday, February 9.

But Mayor Dueterte later denied the said reports that he will run for President.
“If you don’t want me to be your mayor then I’ll step down. I just don’t like to be pushed in the position which I don’t like,” he stressed.

He also added, “I’m pleading for you to stop it. You will put me in that position, I will work hard for it then later on you will put me to jail? You’re making me an ex-convict. I’d rather not try,” he said.

Duterte also clarified that nobody came to his office and urge him to run for presidency.

“Because I don’t want to, ayoko din humarap sa kung sino para pag-usapan yang takbo-takbo na yan,” he said.

The mayor also repeatedly claimed that he is not qualified for the position.

“Sige kayo, if ako naging president i-pasara ko ang Customs, malaki ang dagat para makaparking yung mga barko,” he added, referring to the rice smugglers who try to unload boatload of rice in his city.(MB)


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