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Enforcer Reynaldo Romano Photo Went Viral

Written By Real Kevin Jay on Monday, March 17, 2014 | 9:21 AM

MMDA enforcer Reynaldo Romano giving food to a child beggar caught on cam - photo became viral and popular online. Traffic enforcer, identified as Reynaldo Romano earned praises from netizens after he gave food to young beggar in Tandang Sora Flyover on  Commonwealth Avenue. March 12, 2014

Yesterday, we posted a photo on our Facebook page from Mar Cheri Durante Galvez. "I saw this scene at Tandang Sora U-turn on Commonwealth Avenue," she said. "A traffic officer was giving food to a little child who was begging for alms. I just really think it's worth sharing."

After the motoring magazine picked up the news, the post went viral with 31,308 likes, 3,857 shares, and 1,195 comments as of posting time.

In a statement posted by the MMDA, Romano tells his story.

MMDA’s post narrated: It was around mid-afternoon when the kid approached Romano to ask for food. He replied in Filipino “It’s already 3:30 p.m., didn’t you have your lunch yet?”

According to the MMDA story, the kid  answered he hasn’t eaten a single meal in the day yet, adding  his brother, who was with him, is  ill. Upon hearing the beggar’s remark, Romano dug his pocket for some spare money and bought  pancit, rice and a bottle of mineral water and fed the two hungry children.

Romano told the MMDA the hunger-stricken children seemed to have grown weak and that he felt the need to feed them.

Moved by the act of kindness, the netizen took snapshots of the “Good Samaritan” and the children. The rest is history.

Romano thanked Galvez through a “selfie.”

Galvez answered in a thread comment to an MMDA Facebook post: “No need to thank me, sir. It’s all you. Thank you for being an inspiration and a good example to many.”


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