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How to remove New Facebook Virus - Sorpampa Virus?

Written By Real Kevin Jay on Friday, July 25, 2014 | 5:40 PM

How to remove New Facebook Virus - Sorpampa Virus?

Beware: New facebook virus "Sorpampa virus" surfaced online and became viral. Once Sorpampa virus infected your computer it will easily hacked your account and will send messages to your fb friends with caption "This video is yours? Very bad video".

Sorpampa virus newly surfaced and already infected millions of users around the globe. The message shows a picture of you with a link like sorpampa.com (not all links are the same but they have the same look). June, July 2014

How to remove facebook Sorpampa Virus?

Please Follow these steps to remove the SORPAMPA virus [UPDATED]
1. Google Chrome browser, we are closing our.
2 .Log in to the following folder on your computer.
C:Users[yourusername]AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefaultExtensions
Not: Your username is the place to sign your name, you need to choose your own.
3. When entering the website mentioned above you do not see the AppData folder, select Show hidden files on your computer must be turned on.
4. You can delete the Temp folder in the Extensions folder except.
Note: If you are using a different plugin they will be deleted. The only strange named folder or deleting secret trial and error, which can.
After this process, the virus can be prevented by you texting. Also a malware software. can scan your computer with a virus program and.
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Still we can't figure out how to delete this virus 100% but we assume that facebook will release the steps on how to remove this one. Our advise is if you receive these messages, please ignore it and don't click the link on it. Your friend was not the one who send the message. It's a VIRUS.

What's the behavior of this Virus?
The behavior of this virus is it will automatically send message to your friends and once your friend will click the link, their account will also be infected by the virus and will send message to their friends.

1. Clear your browsing history and cookies
2. Scan your computer immediately to remove the file that contained the virus
3. Delete the installer that you download, the name of the virus file is ‘watch_facebook_video.exe’
4. Look at your internet browser plug in list, uninstall the suspicious plug in.
5. If your Facebook is still automatically PM your friends after that steps, you maybe need to ask one of your friends who really know how to repair a computer.


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