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High school student found murdered by guy she met on Facebook

Written By Real Kevin Jay on Monday, August 18, 2014 | 10:28 AM

A 15-year-old high school student of Pines National High School was found with 21 stab wounds all over her body in a vacant lot in Amsing, Pacdal in Baguio City

Ericka de los Santos reportedly went missing for several days according to her relatives. She was an 8th grade student and lives with her family in City Camp in Proper Baguio City.

The suspect, identified as Jason Rebolledo, is a 23-year-old call center agent with two kids and a pregnant wife, and a resident of Pacdal.

He reportedly met Erika through Facebook, had courted her and eventually became her boyfriend.

When Ericka’s parents found out about the relationship and asked for the man’s name, she told them it was Jay Odellubre and works as a call center agent.

However, when searched on Facebook and Google, nothing came out to match the man’s identity. When someone told them they saw Ericka with the man at the University of Baguio, an inquiry, with the help of a Barangay official, finally identified Ericka’s boyfriend as Jason Rebolledo.

Ericka’s parents then filed a case of Seduction of a Minor against Rebolledo after a medical exam was conducted on the girl. She went missing after that on August 4.

While posting a “missing girl” poster on August 11, someone told them an unidentified body was found at a vacant lot in Pacdal, which, to Ericka’s parents’ devastation, turned out to be their missing daughter.

Police investigation revealed the victim has been dead for at least three days, and with 21 stab wounds in the body.

The suspect reportedly surrendered to Baguio City Police Office the next day and has executed an affidavit owning to the gruesome killing. He is now facing murder, the police said.

Ericka was described by her friends as “makulit”, “malambing” and “maalalahanin”, like any ordinary teenager. She was also a good sister to her siblings.

However, her classmates noticed the sudden change in their friend’s behavior after the victim met Rebolledo and he became her boyfriend.

She became lonely and distressed, and would sometimes cry.

The parents eventually find out about the girl’s relationship with the man 8 years her senior after they read some text messages on her mobile.

A separate report on Sun Star said the victim agreed to meet the suspect after several conversations on Facebook.

On their first meeting, Rebolledo allegedly tried to force the girl into having sex, but the victim refused and walked out.

On their next meeting on June 19, the girl finally yielded to the man’s demand and was repeated again on July 10.

The family of the victim suspected Ericka may have been pregnant after they read the exchange of messages between the two.

Meanwhile, police investigation into the case is on-going.

source: pinoyrepublic.tv


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