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Attempted Assassination of Pope Paul IV in Manila on November 27, 1970 - Video

Written By Real Kevin Jay on Wednesday, January 14, 2015 | 4:41 PM

Flashback: Pope Paul IV visited the Philippines back in November 27, 1970 when he was attempted to assassinate by Bolivian artist Benjamin Mendoza, who lunged at him with a knife. The attack was thwarted, however, and the Pope escaped with only a wound on the chest.

Challenge to Philippine security: As Pope Francis is set to visit the Philippines on January 15-19, 2015, securing him will the the priority for the Philippine Government. The government doubled their efforts to protect the pope so that the attempted assassination of Pope Paul IV will never happened again.
In 1995, the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II in the Manila had been prevented when authorities discovered the chemicals in making a bomb. They discovered priest’s cassock, a bible, a picture of the pope in the apartment rented by Ramzi Yousef. The police then said that it will be used in assassinating Pope John Paul II.

Pope Paul VI had a busy itinerary during his brief stay in the capital — attending a reception at Malaca├▒ang Palace, celebrating mass at Quezon City Memorial Circle, ordaining priests at Rizal Park, speaking on air through Radio Veritas, meeting students of University of Santo Tomas, and visiting residents of Tondo.

The Pope's trip was one of the top newsmakers in the country that year, occupying a significant amount of space on national dailies.


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