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Over 60-80 Rebels Died in Mamasapano Clash with PNP-SAF - What Really Happened?

Written By Real Kevin Jay on Saturday, January 31, 2015 | 11:49 AM

Opinion: What really happened in Mamasapano Maguindanao that killed 44 PNP-SAF troopers who are at operation in arresting terrorsit Marwan and Usman on January 25, 2015. More or less 60-80 people or more were killed in rebels side during the clash in Mamasapano.

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1. The SAF Main Assault Force was successful in locating main BIFF camp with Marwan pinpointed at around 0400. Marwan secured but heavy firefight ensued. MAF executed fighting egress.

2. SAF Quick Reaction Force moved in to secure egress of MAF and block pursuing BIFF fighters. Maneuvering QRF unknowingly entered area controlled by MILF less than 2 km from BIFF area and encountered MILF fighters in open field. Heavy close quarter battle ensued, QRF outnumbered and eventually overwhelmed.

3. With QRF engaged and pinned down by MILF, BIFF pursued and continually harassed withdrawing MAF.

4. SAF Reserve Force attempted to reinforce QRF but itself engaged by MILF with more enemy converging.

5. Call for assistance received by AFP late afternoon but with no prior top level coordination, AFP was only able to muster ground support which was also engaged by enemy blocking force, delaying their arrival at main battle area.

6. If its any consolation, our source in Mamasapano confirms enemy suffered actual 80 to 100 KIA combined despite claim only 8 KIA on their side.

Some of the killed are close relatives of an MILF commander and is reportedly agitating for attacks against AFP and PNP. Security forces on high alert.


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