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Milk Tea in Manila kills 2 on April 9, 2015 - Viral Video

Written By Real Kevin Jay on Monday, April 13, 2015 | 5:05 PM

Milk tea poisoning kills 2 in Sampaloc, Manila on April 9, 2015. The video of the victims was uploaded and became viral online. The video shows what happened to a couple after a few minutes when they drink milk teal from ErgoCha.

On Thursday, within three minutes of consuming the Hokkaido-flavored milk tea that he himself had prepared, shop owner William Abrigo collapsed on the floor of the eatery.

He later died at Ospital ng Sampaloc.

Earlier, before Abrigo collapsed, customer Suzaine Dagohoy and her boyfriend Arnold Aydalla had complained the milk tea that Abrigo had served them was foul-tasting.

“Too fast, too quick and too fatal.” And they only sipped milk tea.

Two were killed including the owner of ErgoCha milk tea shop and it's still not known what chemicals poisoned them. DOH, PNP and other agencies still conducting investigation about the incident and sooner they will find out what really happened to the victims.


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