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How to Make Money in Blogger and Wordpress - How does it Work

Written By Real Kevin Jay on Monday, August 10, 2015 | 9:18 AM

When we talk about blogger and wordpress, the main thing we have to do is blogging. Well, blogging is a great opportunity to earn thousands of dollars every month. Some people make blogging as a full time job while others make it as a part time job. Either of the two of the choices you prefer, you will earn money and that's absolutely real.

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How do blogger and wordpress work?

First is to register an account in blogger.com or wordpress.com then start writing an article. You will choose what topic or what type of blog you will make (eg. News and Politics, Journalism, Personal, Blogshops, Entertainment, Technology, Sports, Travel and more). After writing an articles, you will have to build your audience and make more views by sharing it in your social media sites. Allow your blogs to run for few days or weeks and if you think that your blog has already thousands of views and followers then start applying to Google Adsense or Yahoo Publishers. If you're not lucky to be approved in Google or Yahoo, you can apply several alternatives such us infolinks.com, chitika.com and more.

Tips on Writing an Article.
You have to write good and great article to earn more because Google, Yahoo and other publisher sites give more CPM rate if you have great contents.

In Blogging Patience is a Virtue. You'll have to wait or shall we say you'll have to plant more seeds and then start harvesting more in the future.


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