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Power Outage in Taiwan as Super Typhoon Soudelor Hit the Country - Viral Photos

Written By Real Kevin Jay on Wednesday, August 12, 2015 | 4:36 PM

Super typhoon Soudelor battered Taiwan on August 8, 2015 which kills atleast 6 people and injuring over hundred. Photos of the super typhoon Soudelor's destruction making round in social media sites. Soudelor hit Taiwan with 129mph (210 kph) which brought 4.2 feet of rain in less than 48 hours. Nearly 3 million households experienced no electricity (Blackout in Taiwan).

Schools and businesses across Taiwan were shut Saturday as the powerful storm moved westward over the island. Taiping Mountain, in Yilan County on the island’s northeast side, got 4.2 feet of rain in less than 48 hours, the Central Weather Bureau said. That's as much as the area normally receives in half a year, officials said.

"Extreme torrential rain," defined as 1.6 feet of precipitation in 24 hours, was reported in all parts of Taiwan, except for the outlying Kinmen and Lienchiang counties and certain parts of Taipei. The wind was so strong it reportedly blew a cargo train in Nanao in Yilan County off the tracks and overturned it. In Kaohsiung, a 880-pound Buddha statue was blown from its pedestal, the Central News Agency said.

Among the dead were a young girl and her mother, who were swept out to sea; the girl’s twin sister was also missing, the agency reported. A man was swept down a river to his death in the central part of the island, and a firefighter who was trying to clear a downed tree from a road was killed by a drunk driver, the agency said. Another man was killed by a falling signboard, as was a motorcyclist who ran into a fallen tree.

More than 100 people were injured by falling trees or flying objects, the agency said. Trees were upturned across the island, and mudslides were reported in some mountain areas.


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