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Yam Concepcion Goes Naked for FHM Magazine Cover

Written By Real Kevin Jay on Wednesday, September 2, 2015 | 1:34 PM

Yam Concepcion goes nude for FHM magazine cover - September 2, 2015. It's the second time that Yam Concepcion shows her sexy and hot body for magazine cover. Viral Photo

See Yam Concepcion gets no dress in front of the camera. The magazine includes One Solid, she's the real deal.

As it was in that magazine’s October 2012 issue, Yam is once again photographed in her birthday suit in a pose that allows her long hair, arm and legs to strategically conceal her most private parts.

She was quoted in the magazine’s cover story that she’s more “comfortable in the studio” compared to her first FHM shoot.

“But now it’s so much different. I guess I just show my real self. This is who I am,” she declared in the same cover feature.


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